My Opening Day Soap Box

Don't get me wrong, I would not trade my opening day tradition for anything. The ridiculousness of tailgating almost sent me over the edge though.

The parking lots opened at 8 AM for a 1:07 first pitch. Gates opened at 10. We got to the stadium area around 10:45 and it took us about an hour to find an open spot and parked. And game traffic was terrible.

All Ranger lots were filled with people getting drunk before noon and tossing beanbags. And most of these people did not have a ticket to get inside. They were sitting in their lawn chairs with the satellite dish and TV set up in the back of the truck impeding anyone from getting down the sidewalk.

Meanwhile, people with tickets to get in--people who had to either buy mini season ticket plans or sell a kidney to buy them off Stub Hub to go to--the game had to park in a Dallas Cowboys lot (Unlucky 13 and not even the closest lot to Jerry's World from the Ballpark) where you couldn't even see the stadium for the trees and hill. You should have to have a ticket to park in the best lots. PERIOD.

Then I almost got into it (oh wait, I did) with the guy in front of us who would not stay seated and tried to tell me I didn't know when to cheer. Be consider it man, and sit down. And he was smoking something.

After traffic in and out of the game and to Cracker Barrel to eat, I had enough and handed the keys to Dad. Now we are parked on I-20 on a Friday afternoon (holiday weekend and rush hour) where there has been construction and an accident.

I am ready to wash the sunscreen off and sit at home in the A/C.

But all is well since I was 14 rows from the field and the Rangers won. I also managed not to get sun burned.


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