Are you even looking for the eggs?

I just don't think children are very observant. If so, they wouldn't have had to have hunted so hard for the eggs! I sure had fun hiding them though! I kept looking everywhere I know I hid, but i would not be surprised if my parents find one here or there as they clean out flower beds.

Paige said last weekend she wanted to hunt. Today she wanted to hide. Until we re-hid, then she wanted to hunt for blood. I'm pretty sure Peyton, Madison and Layton tromped down some plants.

And I've added more photos from Friday here too!

I'll throw in a picture of my mom, just because I can.

This is in honor of my Nanny who LOVED Kevin Mench.
He was among the former players to be introduced.

A random shot I got from the video board. The video was going so fast,
you couldn't plan to take a picture of anything in particular.

The view from our most excellent seats, 14 rows off the field.

I always love the military flyover.