There's one thing I miss

There's one thing I miss from my last job.

Human interaction.

Most of the work itself in my current job is much like that of my last job with some new aspects. There are parts of my old system that I miss, and some I can appreciate not having because it saves time in the long run. And I certainly don't miss the weekly summary reports from the innermost circle of Hell that make me almost stroke out every Thursday/Friday.

But I miss being able to yell across the hall to another human to have a conversation. I miss just being able to even ask someone, "are you hot or cold?" (In stark contrast to formerly being cold because the vent blew on me, my home office is hot, especially in the afternoons.)

Sometimes talking on the phone is nice. I did get to talk on the phone today for a consulting call. That was nice.

My mom calling to ask me why my Facebook all of a sudden popped up on her computer last night was not nice. "I don't know Mom, I was on it the other day when I was showing someone a picture. I guess I didn't log out of it. Just close it. I have no clue how it popped up when you chose the 1940 Census on"

My dad came over and changed a light bulb today. And I got out of the house before the storm hit to go eat with them just to get out of the house and not eat another meal on my couch. (I even furnished the main course.)

I did my errands and was back home before 8:30 AM yesterday and only got back out of the house to walk around the block.

Hearing myself write this blog post, I'm thinking that it would be a really good idea to make some kind of plans for the weekend. Don't you?


Amy said…
ha, ha! Poor thing! Maybe you should work from a coffee shop or someplace at least one day a week. :)
Audra Jennings said…
It drives me to sometimes go to Walmart. And I hate Walmart and going there.