You're the inspiration

So, I asked on Facebook what I should blog about, and got this response:

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Here's what I have to add to that on the topic of the Rangers... I'm blogging in between innings. What I know is that their new on the field reporter may be a blogger or something, but he has no camera presence whatsoever. His personality ranks with that of a turnip.

I also know that Peyton does a better job of keeping outs on a scoreboard than whoever is in charge tonight. They are confused!

Now, unless you are watching the game, that makes no sense or difference to you whatsoever.

On a different subject, I set my smoke alarm off while getting my dinner out of the oven. What I don't understand is why when I cook something in the toaster and a crumb gets black or when nothing is smoking coming out of the oven, the smoke detector goes off. However, when the whole house is smoking up with a burnt biscuit, not a peep. The microwave still smells like the biscuit and anyone walking in my house still might be able to smell it a week later.

I just don't get it.

Now, I need to go wash clothes, start the dishwasher and work on my passport application so I can go to Seattle and Vancouver. I've already looked at tickets while the Rangers are in town!