My first auction hunting adventure

After watching way too much reality TV, my dad and I decided weeks ago we were going to the next storage unit auction in town. I think I told you about driving around last Friday looking for one since he couldn't remember what he saw in the paper.

Well, I went to sleep way too late last night, and he woke me up this morning to tell me he was going to get Paige and Peyton and then come by. This I knew, but he had to wake me to tell me this. I've felt like a zombie all day.

We drove by where one was going to be. For the life of me, I don't know why he was so partial to this particular place. I told him the auction sign wasn't there any more for whatever reason, and he asked what we should do. I said, "not stay stopped in the middle of the road."

I've noticed how indecisive my family members are today. Long story.

So then, we went to a place with about 15 or so for sale. Nothing we would think about buying in the ones we saw. All along Dad says, "we probably won't be able to buy anything with $100."

The first unit sold for $7.

I thought Paige was going to be the one into this, but it was Peyton which surprised me for some reason. As soon as the units opened, she was all up in there looking. She wanted to bid and buy something so bad. Especially the one with the old piano and slot machine.

Since there were quite a few people at this one, I suggested instead of staying at this one that started at 9, we go to the one at 9:30 where there probably would be less people with fewer units for sale.

We got there to sign-in, and they would not let children beyond the gate. (There were kids at the other one.) So much for that, so we left.

We went back to the very first place, but they were already finished for the day.

We promised Peyton we would take her to another one, knowing a little more of what to expect.

So, I'm not convinced I'm going to be an auction magnate or anything at this point. It was interesting.

The rest of my day has been kind of long. Being within my house all day every day without people around makes me a bit anxiety-ridden when spending most of the day with four other people. Two that argue just for the sake of arguing. Oh, well that could be my parents or the sisters either one.

I know need to go clean up some stuff and go over my Sunday school lesson for in the morning. I hope I can stay awake for both tasks because I really want to watch The Firm off the DVR when I finish.


Ally Jones said…
We have been wanting to do that too, but our storage units are way too advertized and there are way too many people there I think.