Everyone should have a curfew

Everyone should have a curfew, even if it is self imposed. There's no good reason to be out and about between 1-5 AM, I don't care who you are.

The exceptions would be:

  1. You are having a heart attack and the ambulance is coming to get you. 
  2. You got lost on vacation, or misjudged timing, and you are driving around aimlessly looking for a hotel in the middle of no where.
  3. Your wife is in labor and you are taking her to the hospital.
Notice that these exceptions are for medical emergencies. The other requires a bad sense of direction and really isn't a good reason either, although I'm pretty sure I've been in that situation at that time of day before.

People who work shift work aren't even out at that time of day. Shifts start/end on the other side of those hours. 

I had a reason to be thankful that Peyton made other plans last night when someone came knocking on my back door at 4 AM this morning. 

When I heard the first knock, or the first one I heard, I thought that maybe I was dreaming it. Then I heard it again for sure. I tried to peek out the window, but it was too dark to see anything. The only light I had on was coming from the TV that was on when I fell asleep around 1:30 (or somewhere about then, I think), but it had gone to the black satellite screen with words moving around.

I opened my bedroom door, and turned on the patio light. In my half asleep stupor, I ask, "Who are you? I don't know who you are?"

The guy said, "is this ????'s house?"

"No, who are you?" Evidently I wanted to know who this person was, but I couldn't make out who he said he was or who he was looking for because I was looking through the blinds, yelling through the window.

He turns around and walks off, but I leave that light on for a few minutes. I find the phone book and call the non-emergency number for the police because I'm shaken, but not enough to call 9-1-1. 

It was a young guy dressed in regular clothes that I figured could have been looking for the party animals next door. It wasn't a guy dressed in all black wielding some kind of weapon, but the heck if I know what I would have done if he was. 

I ask the police to come by and look around. They asked if I wanted to talk to an officer when they came, but I told them not really. I just wanted someone to come look around. 

So, a few minutes later, I see a flashlight shining around and the police rang my doorbell. I end up talking to them, they look around and went on. 

I was WIDE awake then, finally fell back to sleep with the TV on (I turned it on again to watch) around 5:30 or 6:00. Woke up again at 7:30. Got on the couch to watch TV, fell back asleep, and got up about 9:30 maybe.

You know that nap I blogged that I needed to have today. Yeah. I need that nap right now.

There was a car right in front of my gate (I wish the neighbors would stop parking there), so I assume the guy that should have been home at 4 AM recognized the car and came on through the gate.

This morning, my dad fixed the handle on the toilet, then we ran around town getting the piping to hook up my ice maker when I get my new refrigerator. Then, I ran errands with my mother (goodness only knows why). 

SIDE NOTE: I found by looking at the diagram on the back of the fridge that it was made in 1978. Yeah, a new one will be nice.

My dad finally got the water to flow right through the piping after re-rigging it from the bathroom three times. 

Once dad finally left, I went to go have a talk with the neighbors. I wanted to let them know that if it was their friend, yes, I called the cops on him.

There must be a Three's Company arrangement going on over there. The two girls said that they heard all the commotion and were freaked out, and "Janice" went and woke up "Jack". Janice heard that the guy was looking for Jack's house, but he must have been drunk and was slurring. Jack looked out once, and then went out again when the police came and talked to them.

Jack has tried to text/call the only person he thinks it could have been. Supposedly this guy knows his girlfriend who was over last night, and seeing her car (IN FRONT OF MY GATE!!!) came looking for her. (Obviously all these people are out and about doing things they shouldn't be.)

They all agreed that I should have called the cops because we were all freaked out. Well, at least we agree on that! 

I didn't make issue of the fact that they need to watch where they are parking, and I did put back the "No Parking" sign that I almost bought at Home Depot. 

I am tempted to make my own sign that says, "No Beer Here." When I told my dad that, he didn't laugh. Mom found it funny off the bat. 

Here's hoping for a good night of sleep tonight. 


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