Paige presents...

You are in for a treat! Paige is on another vacation and is doing her daily emails. I had told her to journal about camp every day, but she did part of the first day and quit because she was too busy.

Anyway, I'll post the email I got at midnight last night today. She emailed me right after, and called me today, about how she can do a video because it takes her too long to type. I had to give her my You Tube log-in so that she can upload them. She said I was the only person who would know how to do that.

I informed my parents they are about to go to video. Neither knew how they were ever going to be able to figure out to watch. Dad, Mom, it's a link. You'll click on it.

Dad thinks Paige needs to become a columnist. I wanted to say, some people think I should too, but thank heavens you've never read my blog.

Mom was annoyed, "(huff) I was going to make a book."

"Oh my goodness you sound like Grandmother."

"And you sure are gripe-y."

No doubt. So here's her story from last night. I'm on the phone with her now helping her log-in because YouTube thought I was being hacked from Wyoming.

Yet another wonderful trip to Wyoming is ahead of us well, not just us but all of us-Granna, Paw-pawl, Peyton, Steve, Mother, Cade, Frankie, Jeff, Melissa, and me! (I am kind of worried with this group of people. I mean all of us in the same house?) No, I am just kidding I love y'all. I am excited and ready for you to be with us every step of the way.

Steve is in Wyoming
Granna, Peyton, Mom, and Paige- On buddy passes (cross your fingers)
Paw-Pawl- bought tickets
Jeff is coming Wednesday morning
Melissa, Cade, and Frankie- driving across the country to make it to Wyoming Tuesday night

Day 1:

On Sunday night Granna, Paw-pawl, Mom, Peyton, and me loaded up and drove to Dallas to stay the night at a hotel because we had to get up early like 4:00 am early. So we got up and left for the airport. We waited in line a while for check our luggage then went through security only Peyton and Mom had to be pulled to the side to be "checked out". I got a Cinnamon roll and milk. We made it on the first flight to El Paso and Granna split my milk all over me. Then we got took off on the next flight to Phoenix then they put us back on then this friendly black guy spilled his orange juice all over me. He wouldn't stop saying he was sorry. The flight that Paw-Pawl got on to Salt Lake City was full so we sat down for some real breakfast at this restraint were the waiter had a weird personality and would not stop saying "well 50/50". On top of that the food was gross. During our 3 hour wait we played skip-BO, ran around, read books, and rode on this cart thing it was like a Disney World Ride! When we finally got on a flight it was already 2 and Paw-Pawl had been driving around Salt Lake City for a while so when we landed we picked up our bags and Paw-Pawl picked us up and we got on the road. We stopped about an hour on the road at a Wendy's and Granna (from the last flight) had gotten sick and felt like she did when she went to Six Flags. We rode longer and birds tried to kill us and we figured out that granna knows everything. Well Paw-Pawl asked what the altitude was and every one took a guess everyone was wrong but Granna was the closest and she was mad that no one had appreciated her being always right when they were wrong. After a 3 hr. drive we had made it we took a quick tour of the new things in the house and took showers and when night night. 

P.S. my emails will get more interesting but I am half asleep typing this so there you have it!


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