What about Paul?

I know I said this was going to be a Tuesday feature, but the week is a little different this week and I already have the video uploaded.

This week's video from the 5th graders on Corinthians is an introduction to Paul, the writer of Corinthians. We ran out of time to get further into Paul's conversion, but this is a start. I think you'll especially enjoy the performance of one particular student.

I hit stop right before the improv line of "Good deal!" was said. We kind of liked that line though I doubt that's what Paul said.

The kids are not terribly excited about the videos being posted now, but they do want them shown at their senior banquet in 7 years because that would somehow be less embarrassing. I somehow doubt that. However, I'll remember that and make sure they make the video for everyone to see then. Then, they will really hate me!


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