My Storage Wars Take 2

This morning I broke my 9:00 Saturday rule and was up before 8. I was just awake by then. I guess I had just slept enough. I think I'm finally catching up on some lost sleep or something because I've been getting up before my alarm lately. Strange. Anyway.

When I signed in at the last storage unit auction, I got my name on the mailing list to get information about upcoming auctions, evidently. I received a personal invitation to the auction this morning on four units.

I still enjoy seeing what Alan and Ton find on Auction Hunters, I'm still looking for Storage Wars Texas, but I don't think I'm going to get into the auction thing myself. A) I'm too tight with my money and B) what am I going to do with the JUNK in the unit if I buy it?

More than ever, I'm convinced I'm not going to find a packed unit with trash bags full of stuff with dollar bills scattered throughout. I'm not going to find a gold coin collection in a tackle box, and I'm not going to find antique weapons that will cover a down payment on a house.

Unit number 1 was junk. One of the smallest units with a big plastic bin that said "Please return to Dollar General." There was a blinged out purse buried by some jeans. A) I don't know why people just throw stuff in there. B) Was this just left after you cleaned out the stuff you wanted? C) If this is stuff you planned on keeping at one time, why get a storage unit? I've crammed more than that in a closet.

Unit number 2 had better stuff in it. Other than a mattress (or it may have just been a box spring) and a full size (maybe queen) bed frame and headboard, it had a bathroom cabinet that goes over the toilet. There was a dog gate to go along with the dogs that the woman was trying to get rid of on the radio.

Side note: my dad had on the local radio station and EVERYBODY was trying to get rid of their dogs during Talk Time today.

There were also some buckets of something, two boxes of new energy efficient light bulbs, and a stack of new air conditioner filters of various sizes wrapped in plastic. Dad missed the air conditioner filters.

The last two units were side by side and belonged to the same person. They may/may not have been selling them together. Inside the two unites were a combined 10 old, antique, broken, cob-web filled, did I say old, busted up pianos. And some piano parts, including the lids that cover the keys. A) What is the Average Joe going to do with all those pianos?  B) The money to fix them up would be ridiculous. C) The work to clean them up would be tedious. D) You would just have to rent the units to keep them in as you worked through getting rid of them because where are you going to put them at home? E) Good luck lifting/moving those old things.

If I hadn't left my phone in the truck, I would have taken a picture of the piano graveyard.

We were sort of curious as to if anyone was going to buy the first one, and how all those pianos were going to go for. But instead of waiting around 10 minutes for the auction to start, we left.

I think my venture into checking out storage units may be over.


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