The worst dating shows ever

For lack of anything else on TV paired with just the right teasers, I decided to give Fox's new TV shows a try last night. Surely Take Me Out and The Choice will not last. In a world where shows like The Firm and Harry's Law get cancelled for low ratings I pray that the population of America does not watch such stupidity.

Let's start with Take Me Out. Any show with George Lopez should probably be off my list. Even the gutter-minded contestants of the show didn't seem to get the terribly lame attempts filth-laden innuendo he was trying to tell for laughs.

As for 30 beautiful women, they were all made up with big hair, but some of them were rather strange looking. The idea is that these 30 women are looking for their dream man. They're all lined up with these lit podiums in front of them. When each decides that the guy is not for them, they hit a button and their light goes out.

The guy comes down to the stage from the "Elevator of Love" to a song of his choosing. I guess this proves whether or not he has any taste in music whatsoever. He then struts himself around in front of the women. He then makes his opening statement - a sentence or two giving his name, where he's from and maybe one other fact about himself. The women can then turn out their light based on their first impression.

A video of the guy is then aired, getting into more details of his life. As the video plays, more lights go out. If there are still any lights still on, they play another short video or performance where more lights dim.

If anyone is left after two rounds of video or on stage "entertaining", the guy gets to choose which woman he wants to go out with after asking a question of the women.

Two out of four times, the guy was blacked out with no date. And these were supposed to be some of the most eligible bachelors they could find.

OH help us one and all if that is true! I'd have blacked all the guys out myself. The one was a male body builder who hunted all the time, the guy with the mohawk and major Yankee accent, the short guy who tried to breakdance in a Speedo, and the first black Italian boxing champion who dressed like a gladiator.

It was bad.

It only survived being the worst dating show ever by The Choice which stole the stage set-up and chairs from The Voice. And four celebrity bachelors are supposed to choose their dream date in part by only hearing their voice. UH. Rip-off.

And one of the celebrity bachelors was DJ Pauley D from The Jersey Shore. The only episode of that show I ever saw any of had Pauley D placing dog poop all over the house. Oh, yeah, he's a catch. Then the actor who played Sean Douglas Brady on Days of Our Lives. Not a big star there. I think one guy was on General Hospital so I had no chance of knowing him. Romeo as in Lil' Romeo was the fourth guy.

I feel asleep by the end.

Where's Chuck Woolery? Let's go back to The Love Connection which was hokey enough.

Did anyone else watch?


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