When Harry Met No One

I've decided that Rachel has made it to the point where she no longer gets a code name on my blog to protect her in any instance. It's one of the prices you pay of being one of my friends.

Besides, anyone who knows her and reads this blog is not fooled by the "Rebekah" bit.

We're coming back to Rachel in a minute. Back story first.

Paige will be in the 6th grade when school starts back, so that means she gets to start doing things with the youth group at church. Since her schedule is not always regular each week as to where she is, I told her that if she wanted to go to the Summer Youth Series, I would go with her as a chaperon so that she would be able to meet the bus and that she could stay with me on Tuesday nights when we got back home since it would be late. Any time she wants me to stay home, I'm still willing to coordinate with her parents to get her to the church, pick her up and let her stay. I went every summer for years as a what sometimes seemed like the assistant youth minister at the time (because I was friends with the youth minister and I always helped out) and enjoyed going, so I was completely open to going now.

Since I knew I was going this first time, I asked Rachel if she wanted to go with us. As church secretary and having been no stranger to chaperoning herself, she's attended over the years herself.

On the way, the kids and our on youth minister were talking about the guy who usually leads singing at this particular church. Supposedly, this guy looks like a Who from Whoville. Well, this ought to be interesting, I thought. I've never seen a real life Who before.

After having been seated for a few minutes, Rachel and I look up to where a man has gotten up to lead singing. I think to myself, "he doesn't look like a Who." At this same time, Rachel must have been reading my mind because she said something along this line of thinking.

I say, "That guy reminds me of someone."

Practically bouncing in the pew, Rachel says, "Who {but not Who as in Whoville} does he remind you of?"

"Harry ****************." (That is a code name.)

"That's exactly what I was thinking," replies Rachel.

"He's not wearing a ring."

"No, he's not. I'll introduce you."

"No you won't, I'll introduce you."


The whole time we were singing, I tried to keep my eyes glued to the screen with the words whether I knew them or not. I just couldn't look at Harry's clone. Not after our revelation that we mutually thought he looked like Harry. And Rachel has only encountered Harry twice.

The guy wore glasses like Harry.

The guy have very similar hair to Harry. It wasn't identical in style, but color was very close.

He and Harry could have shared the same wardrobe. He was wearing clothes like Harry would wear right down to his shirt being untucked.

The guy had a similar build to Harry.

Something about him made me think his personality would be very similar to Harry.

What's wrong with Harry you ask? Well? That's kind of hard to explain. Not that I have a type, but I would say he's not mine.

For years, people joked me that I should go out with Harry. Actually, one person was serious, but we're not going there. My brother joked me about it. Never knowing my brother's tackiness on the subject, the youth minister back in the day poked fun along with our friend Sammy. The two of were teasing me one day, and I had enough, turned the car stereo up really loud and blew out a speaker so I didn't have to hear the conversation. Ask Jenny -  true story!

In much the same way that Rachel has ducked Timmy the Fly at church, I have hidden behind clothes racks at stores, tried to escape other stores and avoid Harry at church. He's not there often, but I have to admit I've done it. He's a nice guy, but not a good personality fit.

On the way home, we were talking in the front of the bus with our youth minister's wife Dorcas (I promised you a mention with a special name, so there you go!) and actually with the youth minister as well. Someone on the bus brought up the Who and how he wasn't there. The YM said he was there somewhere but had lost weight and was less Who-ish. This got us mentioning Harry and how Rachel and I were mutually threatening to introduce. Of course, YM says he would make the intro for us.

No thank you!

We told Dorcas that he reminded us of someone, but didn't tell who until later at which time she agreed with us. We did tell her we were naming him Harry though. Rachel admitted to Dorcas she had been looking around, but wasn't sure if this other guy she saw was wearing a ring.

I jokingly said, "yes, this is why Rachel and I are going to summer youth series. To scout the youth ministers for wedding rings."  Ok, only mostly jokingly because we had to admit we kind of were, at least while we were there. I think it's more of what you do in any public space with a lot of people around.

In reality, I'm more concerned with being Paige's transportation because I would bet that the only YM there close to 35 and not married was Harry. There has to be a reason for that, right? I certainly know all the reasons why I'm still single, so I can say that.

Anyway, I really think Rachel should have met Harry and given him a chance. She really needs to find someone to go out with once so that the next time Timmy the Fly texts her, she can reply back, "please stop texting me, I'm seeing someone."

Of course, then it might lead to "what's this guy got that I don't?" A less sissy nickname on Audra's blog, that's what!

It might also buy her some time with her brother who wants her to have children even though it's their sister about to get married and much closer to that possibility. I think she at least think about it, don't you?


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