We all need to head north for the summer

I'm too hot and tired to blog. This is what I get for getting out of the house. I went walking 30 minutes at the church without the air on, went out to eat, got home and am just hot and unenthusiastic (guess the word my mom always used "unenthused" is not actually a word or just flat out spelled wrong) about blogging.

This is why I'm glad I don't have to get out of the house during the day. Especially since it's over 100.

Evidently the cats my in neighborhood think my house is a cooler locale to be. They've made my backyard their haven the past couple of days. Why? I have no idea. Maybe everyone else ran them off. I wouldn't mind if they wanted to hang out here, but it drives me nuts when they shoot off all scared. Especially the mother cat who is actually Spot (as in Spot in the Pot - the palm tree pot). She's been showing up here off and on for years. Her kittens are much prettier than her. One did let me pet it when I kind of snuck up on it. The other was in the tall grass and weeds of my little courtyard when I came up. It was like hunting Easter eggs to see them.

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm not a cat person, but these kittens are cute. When they get older and make screeching noises outside my window, they won't be.

I peeked out to see this one this afternoon. Boy I need to Windex my window.

Let me also just add that my BlackBerry takes the WORST pictures ever. You can be almost perfectly still and it still blurs. Took me three times to get this one. Lucky I didn't get pounced.

Thank goodness that the week most people in my industry will be gathering in the hot humidity of Orlando to work, I'm going the opposite direct to enjoy 70 degree weather. I know you all are jealous!


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