The most overrated new talent show

Earlier, I was watching part of Duets from the DVR. I think I'm watching it because I watched the first episode. Honestly, I don't know why. Has anyone else tried to watch it?

The commercials sounded great. The idea sounded ok. Amateurs and superstars singing duets. Well, ok, sure, why not?

What is actually is... B-O-R-I-N-G.

The contestants seem like a bunch of rejects for some reason.

The superstars? Robin Thicke's hair has it's own ego. Kelly Clarkson sounds like the world's biggest hick when she talks (though I usually like her songs), and I say that even though she's from Texas and Texas accents are nothing to me. John Legend is the most mellow judge ever. And Jennifer Nettles wears gold jumpsuits with wrestling belts and is just odd. And the host Quddos. What kind of name is that and have we heard of him before?

If you've watched, what do you think? Hopefully there will be some other shows on soon. Or the Rangers will start playing better again and on our time zone so I can watch them instead.


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