When Friday becomes Monday

I planned to post a book PR tonight. I had all intentions because I needed to post it in several places.

Then somewhere along the way my Friday became a Monday.

Like anyone, I often find myself at the end a week with a list of things I intended to do. Needed to have done. Should have done. It's even worse when a holiday launches the week. You ever notice that sometimes holidays just aren't worth it?

I had quite a bit I needed to have gotten done, then everyone else got their email read and responded to. And my email blossomed and grew.

And all the interviews that needed to be rescheduled started coming through. Interview requests for new projects started flowing in. Everyone needed excerpts.

Great things! All things that show that I'm doing my job. Good things for the authors.

And then 5:00 hits and I'm still trying to confirm an interview for in the morning and there's a semi-crisis with some old info on a book summary I need to help clear up.

In middle of the afternoon, Peyton called that she was coming over tonight. In another call with her, I work out a deal with her that if she walks 30 minutes with me and Rachel that I'll take her to Don Jose's to eat afterwards. I don't want to stand Rachel up again after we've changed our plans around this week. Peyton agrees. Then she calls me back that her plans have changed and she is staying with a friend instead.

And I'm a bit disappointed because it's been a while since she's stayed over here. And there goes my special dinner at Don Jose's.

I'm running late to meet Rachel, so get out of the house before doing my confirmation for in the morning. But Rachel and I walk and our legs want to fall off for some reason. Because we're wimps after skipping a day and our legs don't want to function.

So then I go to Whataburger where they were making burgers beyond fresh because it was taking forever. And ever.

I go into my master bathroom where the handle has been messed up on the toilet, so I've had to lift the top to pull the handle. And the rust causes it to break in two.

I call my dad to tell him I need to make a Home Depot run in the morning if he'll help me fix it. He says something about where i went to eat. I tell him Whataburger. He thought Rachel and I were going to Don Jose's, so he and Mom wait for me to go eat fish in Kerens. I tell him that this was fine, but Don Jose's was just a Peyton deal.

I talk to my mom. She thought Rachel and I were going out to eat. She too was wrong.

Wow, there were a lot of onions on that burger because I still taste them.

After sorting through all my email to see if I have any emergencies that need to be tended to before Monday. I finally get the confirmation sent.

I go through my other email account to get all my bills figured out. And balance my checkbook which is never exactly a fun thing to contemplate. Especially when I'm trying to figure out if I spent too much before having to pay a chunk in taxes. Yikes!

Then, I find an email that has the date that I requested the book I'm reading on it and realizing the publisher probably wishes that I would get my review posted since it's been 2 months. My slow blogging will counteract the fact that my Klout score finally broke the 60 barrier, and supposedly I can pick any book that I want in their lines to review.

And if it's been 2 months since I asked for that book, it's been even longer since I've had the other book an author sent me to reviews. She's probably really wondering if I am ever going to review her book. (I'd promise tomorrow, but you know me and my good intentions...)

And along the way I try to clean part of my bathroom before my dad asks me if I ever clean my bathroom. Thank goodness I'm not married to a clean freak because I'd be a lousy wife to a clean freak. Neat yes. Clean, not so much.

It's time to get my blog done and log off, but I log onto Pinterest and get sucked into someone's "Every girl needs a sexy guy board." I give up depressed that those guys are probably clean freaks on top of everything too.

Then, as I get ready to wrap it up, I realize I really need to get a lot of stuff done around the house this weekend and books read because next weekend I have to go to the middle of absolute nowhere for a family get together.

Which makes me think about the Call-a-doctor cards I got from my insurance company where you can have an "appointment" by phone to get prescriptions for sinus infections, allergies, and respiratory infections. And I wonder, if I were to explain some of the people I'm related to, would anyone write me a script for anti-anxiety and an antidepressant for next weekend.

After being worked up earlier, I breathe a sigh of relief. Having gotten all of that out of my mind, through the fingers of my keyboard and onto this rambling post, I feel much better.

Maybe I shouldn't go to turn the Ranger game on right now.

Have a terrific weekend! I leave you with one of my Pinterest finds from earlier.


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