New weekly feature - 5th grade lessons in Corinthians

The summer quarter of our 5th grade Sunday school class started this week. One of the ideas in the teacher's book was to do a video with segments each week of the kids talking about what they learned each week from their study of Corinthians.

I'm surprised the material progressed to video because they usually refer to tape recorders, but they were probably thinking the old fashioned video recorders with beta. Anyway, they have mixed feelings about this and the possibility of YouTube, Facebook and my blog. If I can edit it well, maybe it will air after church some Sunday night! ;)

Part of the deal is I had to leave my intro in it, and yes, it was too close to my face. I'll edit that later. Each Tuesday I will post the weekly installment. I'm going to have something going on each Tuesday, and that will let me pre-post. I wouldn't let any of them talk about the fact that Corinthians were stereo-typically drunk and in Greek plays, the part of a Corinthian was played by a drunk man. I told them that drunk people were not entertaining and they should NOT be obsessed. I gave the example of the guy that showed up at my door at 4 AM.


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