Reason #7002

There's one person that automatically knows what that means when she sees it and is already laughing. This refers to a friend's list of all the reasons why she does not have children. She has threatened to actually start writing these reasons down.

My own first reason is that I haven't had a date in ## years, but... My second reason is that I don't want the full time responsibility. My third is that I wouldn't want my children to be like me. Children climbing light poles like monkeys comes up on the list somewhere as well.

This is one thing I do know. I would NOT make a good stay-at-home-working-mom. At least during the summer.

I love, love, love, love, love my nieces to death. I'm just not a very effective 8 hour a day worker while   they are in my house. That's all on me, not on them.

There are times I get distracted at home alone in trying to focus. Oh yeah, I need to dry those clothes. I really need to take that trash out. Etc., etc., etc. Then, there comes the, "what can I do's?"

I am really trying to hone in my focus. Today, I feel scattered. Even as I'm trying to figure out what to write so that I can call it a day and turn off the computer. I have great admiration for the moms out there with full time jobs taking care of their kids plus working a job from home (our outside the home) for that matter. I got in the habit of the mucho, mucho, mucho hours at the office and no life for so long that I'm still adjusting to a different approach of my time, making time to routinely schedule time to walk with Rachel every day and have a decent quitting time among other things.

Maybe I should go back to getting up at 7 in the mornings instead of 8. I've been giving myself the hour after wearing myself out for way too long. Then, I can quit waffling on Rachel about what time we go walk.

I had to go to the grocery store at lunch to stock my freezer of each of their favorite Toaster Strudels since this summer there may be a lot of popping in and out. The house and the toaster. At least I have the grocery store trip that I've been putting off taken care of!


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