A don't mess with Audra day

We found out late last week/over the weekend that if Paige's softball team got into the state tournament, it would be the week of our planned vacation.

The one Paige and Peyton asked my parents (and me) to take them on. We spent hours upon hours looking over cabins, settling on one, etc. Deposit paid. The rest set to draft two weeks ahead of time. Non-refundable. When we booked it had no reason to worry.

We never thought about her playing softball.

Instead of playing it safe and calling as soon as we realized this, we thought, "oh, they'll lose out." Tomorrow they are poised to win it, but will definitely be one of the top two teams to go.

Now with less than two weeks, we can't change our date, and I'm feverishly trying to find someone via my social media network who can take it. I've even posted on Craig's List.

A) If we lose out this money, I'll hear about it for years to come... "that time we couldn't go and lost all that money."

B) It bothers me to lose a wad of money for this.

C) Paige wants to go on vacation, but has to play.

D) It was my vacation too and I haven't had a week off since last July. I was planning it and I need it.

E) Losing out this money scratches being able to later on.

I'm so absolutely mad and in a foul mood that I only took in something for Paige when I went by my parents earlier. Paige wanted me to come over to my parents' house since she is staying over there tonight.

What makes me madder than anything is that it was my vacation too, and no one is apologizing for the inconvenience (even if it isn't their fault) or acknowledging the fact that I have a reason to be mad.

Though I love my nieces and want to go to their games, my schedule for the last two months has been dictated by softball games, including 3 this week, and I'm annoyed by that and tired of it too.

My mom has been going on about, "I wonder if we could watch the fireworks from Audra's balcony." I don't even care. I'm not going back up there right now to find out. In general, I don't care about this town's fireworks on the 4th of July.

So, unless you know someone who needs a cabin in Pigeon Forge July 13-17, you probably don't want to talk to me right now.