Did I suddenly fill a swimming pool I didn't know about?

If it's not one thing, it's another.

The good news is with using more electricity this month, my bill was only $5 more than my previous bill since changing to TXU Energy free nights. Comparing the two bills is kind of apples and oranges because the fees are done differently, but with a hotter month and two more days in the cycle, I can say I am pleased with it only being $5 more because it easily could have been $50 more.

However, my water bill that I opened this week was double the month before. I used 5x more water than the month before (goes to show you all the base charges, etc.) That's more water than I've used the entire time I've been here.

I used the sprinkler system a few times, but not that much more than I did the month before. And I didn't dig a swimming pool this past month.


The city came out and reread the meter and said the meter wasn't spinning enough to be a leak on their end. However, in 16 days, I was over my usual usage in a month.

So, my dad and I have been the Great Water Leak Detectives today. I did what the water department suggested and put food coloring in the toilet tanks. No leaks there.

I have an outside faucet though that was leaking and evidently leaking enough to cause issues. Dad fixed that today.

He also tried to fix a drip in the bathtub that seems to have gotten worse. He said that before I had to say, "I think it's worse." That will likely be revisited.

Too bad I can't do free water after 10 PM. I'm already not washing clothes or dishes until after 10 when the electricity is free. It's easy to take a shower between 10 AM-6 PM.

Which reminds me, in 32 minutes, I need to start a load of clothes. My laundry room is piling up!