Rainy July in Texas

The past week has been crazy weather week in Texas. But I'm not complaining. Record breaking low
high-temperatures for several days. I sure didn't mind it up in my office, that's for sure.

Or at softball games, even though I got a bad sunburn that hurts days later.

And rain. Oh, how it's rained.

Last Sunday during showers, the neighbor next door was spray painting in the rain. I guess he was in a pinch and needed to paint them (whatever they were) so he wasn't worried about them being wet, but with the rain and humidity, they sure weren't going to dry.

Paige's state softball tournament has been going on the past week in Mabank. The week we were supposed to be on vacation, but that's not the point.

Her first game was supposed to be on Monday night at 9 PM. The whole day was completely rained out.

On Tuesday, she was supposed to play at 9 PM - the game they missed from the night before. Lightning like crazy by the time we got over there and it was time for the game to start.

Wednesday they had to play that game at 3 PM and another at 7 PM. It was still pretty muddy.

Thursday, their game was at 7 PM, but when we got over, it started pouring down rain, threatening games again. We got pretty wet before they were finally able to start the game. They lost out of the tournament that night.

Friday it was still not as hot thankfully. Peyton and I went to play mini golf while Paige had a party. It was much nicer than the last time Paige and I played.

Saturday the rain was back. In middle of thunder, the neighbor had the weed eater going out in the front yard.

So, in a nutshell, that was my week. Exciting, huh? (I should point out that the second came Wednesday was the most exciting part of the week - at least the last inning.) Softball season is now over for the summer. My schedule has been dictated by games for the past almost 3 months, so I am thankful for the reprieve now.