The claws come out on The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All!

Thank goodness we are near the end of this season because it's getting old.

Before we get to see the guys, Des gets advice from Ally, Emily and Ashley on what to tell the bad boys when they try to defend themselves on the Men Tell All.

Ally didn't think Ben was a bad boy until he said some things after he was sent home. I have to agree.

Des is not looking forward to talking Brian who had his girlfriend come and confront him. And what does James have to say? I admit, I didn't like the guy, but I don't see anything wrong with talking about what might happen in his future.

Now the guys are on. It's amazing how you forget about half of these guys in just a few weeks since they got kicked off. Of course, they haven't been memorable this season anyway.

Chris Harrison starts off by asking Jonathan what he thought he was doing with all the references to the fantasy suite. He says it was a joke gone wrong. Dude should have gotten a hint after the first couple of times you brought up the fantasy suite.

Brian was invited to come, but declined the opportunity to defend himself about the girlfriend thing. So, they are going to talk about him anyway. That's what you get loser!

Ben's turn! Here's cutie Brody again. That's the first great impression. Then, here comes sneaky Ben who takes Des off alone and lies about it. The two-on-one date where Ben goes home. He's calm until he goes psycho. And in the limo where he says all sorts of despicable things. He had been battered for 8 hours by Michael. I'd be angry too. The only thing he regrets are some of his words in the limo.

Ben says where he comes from, you pursue women pretty hard. Mikey has to speak up here saying you should be the same kind of guy around your friends as you are around your girlfriend. Good point. You are who you are.

Juan Pablo says he knew Ben was going to be trouble when he came in saying, "I'm not here to make friends." Now the guys are pulling out stuff about meeting his Brody's mom and how he didn't even try to get custody of any sort until after the show.

Now, here's the rehash of the rehash of the rehash with James. I just had to pause to get something in the kitchen and think I may just FWD through this. Oh, but before that, they had such a great date. Cut to trash talk about James from the episodes.

My biggest question about all of this up to this point is, why haven't they been mad at Mikey for being a part of this conversation?

So, their reasoning behind not being mad at Mikey are because he already saw the writing on the wall and everyone knew he was going home.

I just tweeted about this, and someone replied back to me with a good point. They were mad at Ben for being too serious (or focused) and James and Mikey for not being serious enough.

James' point was right on - it's about Des' feelings, not his. Yes, he was falling in love with her, but she might not have been with him, and he had to be realistic about that.

I just realized the creepy doctor didn't make the guys tell all show.

Now that we are finally past the James drama, the women go wild for Juan Pablo. About all we saw of him was when Des asked him to accept the rose in Spanish for several weeks. He is honestly the classiest guy on the show.

Juan Pablo for the next Bachelor!

And the spotlight is now on Zak. Mr. Exhibitionist himself. I still don't have him figured out. He sort of has multiple personalities.

Finally Des comes out, and we'll have to rehash James yet again. 

The overnight suite guy apologizes for his stupidity. They get to skip over Brian since he wasn't there.

Des calls Ben out on being insincere because of his limo exit. Ben with good reason asks Des how she can put up with someone who treated him like he did for 8 hours. Des says Michael was honest. I think he was a jerk. 

She then calls James out for manipulating her when he was talking to her outside on the steps, now that she has watched the show. She lays it on him well.

Juan Pablo asks a good question, "why didn't I ever get a one-on-one date?" She should have given him a date.

Zak has such sad puppy dog eyes. She said she thought he might have hidden behind his smile and wouldn't have been open with her. Why is he singing her another song?

The bloopers they show are pretty awesome. Minus the glass candle holders falling around Des and Bryden because of burned ropes hanging from the trees.

How shocking will next week be? It better be pretty shocking with all the teases. It's unlike anything they have seen. It will be two dramatic parts.

I think she gets ready to reject all except Brooks, and then Brooks leaves the show. Des does a-l-o-t of crying. So do the men in the preview shots.