I go shopping because I need clothes, and end up with a...

I did get 100 pages of reading done last night, but instead of reading all day, I went shopping.

What I was really looking for was clothes, mainly shirts. I'm tired of wearing the same t-shirts especially all the time. I need something to take on vacation soon, but I should have been thinking about an upcoming business trip in September.

I'll think about that later.

I probably could have forgotten to look at a certain area of Belk in Waxahachie if my mom hadn't gone over to where they have some dishes. I'd thought about going over there, but I could have been distracted and not gone.

I have a few plates that I picked up for decoration a year ago, but they had some new pieces. Owls that match the plates. And I saw this mug. You know I collect mugs. I had to get him though I didn't need him.

Isn't he cute?

My mom bought me the matching cookie jar for my birthday. In November. Maybe, I'll forget she has it. Since I bought the mug, I probably won't.


Jubilee Reviews said…
LOVE! That is the cutest mug ever!
Audra Jennings said…
I should have gotten the salt and pepper shakers too.