So, you didn't miss anything on the Season Premiere of Sister Wives

I did invite people over to my house for the Sister Wives premiere last Sunday. Only one person came, but we had some good conversation time.

The others didn't miss much and the show is sure to be of before a next season. That is my prediction. That's not to say that I won't be watching every episode until it goes off the air because I probably will.

Robyn is poised to cry every time they talk to her. Every. Time.

No one wants to buy Sister Wives jewelry. Big shock. I mean, because all of us have sister wives. Not.

Janelle wants to know how they all expect to pay the bills. So do I.  So. Do. I.

Christine still doesn't like Robyn.

Kody is still the flakiest husband ever.

Merry still doesn't know whether she wants another baby, even if Robyn carries it. If it's been a year since Robyn made the offer (because they celebrate Solomon's first birthday), I am pretty sure you don't want another baby. You're 42. You're only child is about to graduate. You don't.

They still talk about leaving Utah for the sake of their family and prosecution. No one was sending anyone to jail.

They are finally building the four houses. The kids still think their parents are full of baloney about when they will get in the houses.

Since TLC likes to do crossover shows between their different programs (John and Kate Plus 8 on Say Yes to the Dress, Cake Boss on Say Yes to the Dress, 19 Kids and Counting on Say Yes to the Dress, somebody from some show somewhere was on Cake Boss, I know), maybe they will do a Sister Wives on Four Houses. Or a recreation of each wedding on Four Weddings, as long as they don't do Sister Wives on Say Yes to a Dress. They were happier (in my opinion) before Robyn came along, so we don't need to add another wife. There's not room for a 5th house on the cul de sac anyway.