I'm not near as cool as Collin thinks I am

I didn't escape Collin tonight after church. I rarely ever do. I hung around in my car with the window down instead of driving off like I usually do though.

His first thing tonight was that I needed a new car. That my car was old. My car may be 9 years old, but it is paid for. And there's no need to get another one if it A) ain't broken and B) sits around most of the time. Until earlier today, I hadn't even driven it anywhere since Sunday when he walked me to my car.

He goes on to tell me how interesting I am. How I always do fun things. About how I should make a movie. About how many followers I have on Twitter and You Tube. How awesome my blog is. I have no idea why Collin thinks I am so fun and do such fun things.

My life is really so very boring. Seriously. A movie about me would put the audience to sleep. Trying to figure out what to blog about the past week has been a stretch. I'm sure you've noticed.

At least I have a fan. Everyone needs a fan.

He'll be so proud this blog is about him.