A look ahead at Arie's season on #thebachelor

Photo credit: http://abc.go.com/shows/the-bachelor 
A few weeks ago, ABC aired a preview episode of The Bachelor and a recap of who Arie is for those that forgot him.

A few random comments to start this off...

I wasn't motivated to watch and blog on this preview for three weeks. That doesn't bode well for blogging the season.

I go through this mental tug-of-war about blogging on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette each season because it is an actual waste of time, but if I chose a word for 2018, it's going to be BETTER. My blogging has to be BETTER than it has been lately, and I can only talk about my robo vac so much.

As far as I recall, without reading through the archives of my blog, Arie was ok, but nothing special in my mind during Emily Maynard's season.

I should really be cleaning my bathrooms instead of doing this blog right now. As usual, I'm behind and back posting because tonight I have to blog about the real thing. Happy New Year's to me!

So, back to Arie and the "Countdown to Arie" episode. Chris Harrison promises it will be one of the most romantic seasons ever. Blah, blah, blah, previews will leave us breathless.

We begin with a recap of his season. If you want to know more about what happened his season, search for "Arie" on my blog. ;) Emily was really attracted to Arie, but the fact he was a race car driver was a negative given she had lost the love of her life, her baby daddy, who was a race car driver in a plane crash. At least that was something that came up during the season. There's tons of face sucking in all the recaps.

Arie was shocked when he was sent home and focused on racing a lot around the world after his time on the show. That was was six years ago, and he is ready to marry now.

Moving on, there's a reel of audition videos of the women wanting to be on Arie's seasons. These women are nuts. The nuttier the better to get on the show, I suppose. Gotta get attention somehow. Cue videos of women actually on the show:

SIDE NOTE: These women have some of the strangest spellings this year and there are FOUR Laurens (as opposed to the usual three).

*Maquel, 22, photographer, Orem, UT - She loves shooting brides and the fact their photos will follow the all their lives. She is too young for Arie. I can tell you that right now. 

*Tia, 26, physical therapist, Weiner, AR - They know how to find the Arkansas girls with the thick accents. She's from a small town where they have to make their own fun like shootin' guns.

*Bekah, nanny, Los Angeles, CA - Her age wasn't given, but she looks about 19.

*Nysha, orthopedic nurse, Anderson, SC - She likes bloody gunshot wounds and jumping out of airplanes.

*Kendall, 26, creative director, Santa Clarita, CA - She collects taxidermy which creeps me out.

*Marikh, restaurant owner, Salt Lake City, UT - She owns an Indian restaurant with her mom and hopes Arie is ready for her spice.

*Caroline, 26, real estate agent, Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Claims she is really good at her job because of how much she has sold in less than a year. She grew up around cars, so she thinks they have a lot in common. He sells real estate now too.

Moving along, a recap of all of Arie's kissing styles and a montage of the top 10 worse kisses on Bachelor/Bachelorette history.

Of course, we have to get a recap of all the offspring from couples that actually worked out.

Before we end the episode, it's a preview of the makeouts, tears and drama as Arie and his women zoom zoom around the world.