So much for going to bed early

"This is the week I will stop staying up until 2 AM." That's what I kept telling myself. I lie to myself a lot.

Now that we are done with craft shows for the year, we're putting book letters back in the shop that didn't close after all. We had pulled stock out thinking they were going out of business, but when the shop got new owners, we were too busy to get stuff right back in. This means I needed to sort through what we had and get a variety of options together to take back down there.

I'm super dooper OCD with keeping inventory, but a part of the reason I do that is so that I don't end up with all one color of a certain letter. For example, I don't want 6 green Fs. I did end up with some issues like that. That's what happened when we made a second set for that week we had two events.

As I went through and stickered the ones to go in the shop, I actually stickered all of the books and coordinated them with my inventory lists. It took three nights to compare the books to the inventory list and sticker 9 boxes of books.

These 9 boxes of books are the only craft stock that has made it back to my house so far. I think Dad thought I was being difficult by wanting them back over here, but I've been pulling out books for orders and requests in addition to getting them down to the shop. He's not going to take photos and text back and forth.

At least it is all done now, and I have a plan of how to keep this up when we start back up doing events and cutting more stock.

Now, I'm hoping I can go to bed earlier next week.