I don't know if my robo vac is prepared for my house

If you read my blog yesterday, you know that I got a robo vacuum for Christmas. If you didn't read my blog yesterday, congratulations for having actual Christmas activities and better things to do than read my whiny blog. I envy you.

Anyway, my robo vac.

It had to charge for four and a half hours last night, so I didn't send it off on its maiden voyage around my house until this morning. I thought I had it programmed to start at 10 AM this morning. About 10:15, I realized it didn't start, so I manually powered it up and set it off. I watched it zig zag around the kitchen table and through the area of my house I don't know what to call. It's possibly a dining room, maybe a den, just the middle of the house really. The open area. It zig zagged around the room. Within two minutes the front of it was coated in a nice layer of cobwebs.

I was strangely mesmerized as I watched it do its thing. Deciding I could probably waste too much time watching it, I went on upstairs where I could hear it bang around finding walls and furniture. A little while later, I hear it beeping. I came down and went room to room trying to find where it went. It got jammed up in my living room caught in a corner. I helped nudge it loose, then it got jammed under the TV stand again because it could go part way under. Then, with the curve it got caught. I nudged it loose, then it wanted to go up the slanted leg of the coffee table and couldn't get loose. Though I have never had a puppy, I imagine this was something like training a dog.

I decided since I was trying to work, it would be best to turn it off, return it to the dock and try again later. It was also starting to squeak, and I thought I had messed up this brand new vac before it could make its way through the house.

After work and a couple of errands, I decided to let it loose again. It got caught in a pattern of going round and round and round one kitchen chair. Like picking up a turtle I had to set it aside to try to get it to go off in another direction. As I sat down in the living room, I hear it go banking against a door over and over again. It finally got loose and moved on to another room. It doesn't finish a room before moving on, but it went on its way. Squeaking. I'm annoyed it's already making noises it shouldn't.

Let me say at this point I realized how strange it is having this thing roam your house.

I went back to the living room when I hear a beep. It got hung up under my bed when it ran into a power strip. I had to get down on my hands and knees and pull it out from under the bed.

I go back about my business and a few minutes later, it's beeping again. I reset it a couple of times. One time, I thought it got stuck in a corner. Then, I just didn't know why. I finally decide to check to see if it was full of dirt. While I wasn't sure it was picking up anything, it was full of dust.

Now, I know how full my vacuum usually gets. I also know this thing has not been everywhere, but it does sweep up next to the baseboards where the regular vac does not. I dump it out and try to send it off again. It keeps stalling. It stalled under the bed again. After crawling down on the floor after it, I docked it again.

I finished my dinner which had been interrupted several times by the vacuum that was supposed to run itself and make my life easier. Then, I went and decided to check the roller for hair. The whole thing was supposed to disassemble easily to clean. For the life of me, the roller won't come out. I pull out a huge wad of hair. The piece still wouldn't come out. I had cut and cut hair around to get the roller out. Yep. With no hair, it comes out easily.

I tried one more time to see if it would run after getting it back together. It's not squeaking anymore. Evidently, it was gagging on my hair.

I shed constantly, so I don't know how this robo vac is going to function in my house. Maybe if I vacuum really well with my old vac, then use the robo daily, maybe, just maybe, it won't be so bad.

I haven't been able to let it roam long enough to find its way back to the base.

Your guess is as good as mine as to whether or not this is going to work for me or not. I was thinking earlier that it would be nice to have a drone that would dust my house. Given the robo vac's experience on the floors, the poor drone wouldn't have a chance.


MeezCarrie said…
hahaha!!! Oh my goodness! The hair thing is cracking me up. Between me and Eric and Zuzu, I don't think we had better get one of those robo vacs :-P