Gather all the blankets

On one side, the week between Christmas and New Year's is the time to catch up and get things done because a lot of people are out for the week. It's quiet, so you can get can things done.

On the flip side, no one is in the office, except for the few who are. The few who are expect me to get them books by early next week, and there's not a chance of that happening because I don't actually send them out. There some people who expect me to answer at weird times of the day and night, but they won't answer me during the down time. The requests are right there in the inboxes of those returning to work on Tuesday. They have a ton of emails to process, and when everyone starts answering, it's going to be nuts.

I only took Christmas Day and will take New Year's Day, but it will be torturous next week when I was in the office doing work. I didn't come down from work until late last night. I was trying to catch up on reports that are long overdue. To unwind, I rented The Mountain Between Us on DirecTV Cinema. It's crazy that movies go from theater to DVD and pay per view in two months time. Back in the day, it sure wasn't that quick. ;)

I had really wanted to see it in the theater, but I had no time during the two weeks it was in the theater. Movies aren't in the theaters long either.

Now, let me say, if it weren't for having read the book, I would not have cared for seeing the movie. However, I wanted to see how the book translated to screen. Ironically, at the time (summer 2010) I read the book, I kind of hated it. The story stuck with me though. You can read more and watch my hilarious video review by clicking here.

The movie itself was alright. I didn't love it or hate it. The movie kept main elements of the book regarding the crash, the fight for the survival and the romance element. They didn't keep a subplot that revolved around Ben (played by Idris Alba) that could have added something to the movie even though it's what really annoyed me in the book. There's also some back story that could have added to why Ben was equipped to help them down the mountain. Kate Winslet's character, Alex, was a bit flat too. 

The movie was supposed to take place over weeks, but felt like it was a quick trip down the mountain. In the book, there was more of a struggle for life. 

In either case -- I thought I was going to freeze to death with them. I was under the blankets last night, but part of that is because it really is below freezing here in Texas right now.

Speaking of freezing... it was in the 40s today when we went to Canton for First Monday Trade Days. It was cold and misty, yet we were among the crazies. It seemed colder in the pavilions than outside. There were a lot of vendors who didn't set up this month and it was the smallest crowd of shoppers we'd ever seen. We needed a few things, and of course, had been busy the past several months on the weekends. Yes, it was cold, but as long as we were moving, it wasn't horrible. If I had to sit there waiting for people to shop, it would have been torturous. 

What was bad is when we got back Mom and Dad's house was cold and none of us every thought we'd get warm even though we were warm in the car.

I usually like colder weather, but I cannot fathom how the people around Erie, PA have dealt with 60 inches of snow, or anyone can live in the negative teens. I don't like the cold that much. 

I do, however, think if it is going to been in the teens and twenties it should snow. I'd like to see a layer of the white fluffy stuff from time to time. As long as I don't get stuck on a mountain of it for weeks.