The one Christmasy thing I've done

In case you were wondering, no, I never got my Christmas tree up. As I posted yesterday, I have been finishing orders up until this week. Plus I've been super dooper Grinchy Bah Humbug. It's been really bad Grinchy this year, even for me.

The only thing I've done remotely Christmas-like is make Christmas candy. Honestly, if I hadn't been trying to bribe half the children at church to stop running, I would have likely skipped it too. Seriously. I told a bunch of kids I would be making goodie bags, but I wasn't giving any treats to anyone I caught running in the halls. Yes, I'm that old lady. However, I do at times get hugs while giving my no running speech. I love the kids, but they need a little structure and tough love in the form of threatening with Christmas chocolate. I had to follow through on my promise/threat/proclamation.

Side rant: Back when I was a kid, my parents, and the parents of my contemporaries, would have "skinned us alive" for running around and such. There's too many kids carrying on and running around halls with curves and corners. It's literally dangerous and seems disrespectful. I mean, they wouldn't be doing this at school. In my opinion, they all need to go out to the gym. No one asked me though. 

Tomorrow, I need to do the peanut butter balls and get everything bagged.

No, the red and green chocolate didn't turn out like I planned. I need to melt a different kind of chocolate if I am going to add food coloring to it. It set too quick. I wanted to drizzle, but ended up clumping it.