If it can't be done from my chair, I don't care.

In the days between the last two craft shows of the year, I've had about zip motivation to get anything done in the evenings. There are a few holes to fill and some orders I need to move ahead on, but this week, if it can't be done from my chair in the warm living room, I don't care!

I said I was going to start going to be earlier this week, but that hasn't happened either. I've had all sorts of things to finish up. On Wednesday night after church, Rachel and I finally went out to "celebrate" my birthday which was three weeks ago. (Angie and I never did exchange birthday lunches in November which we always do. Instead, we talked about it when she went up with me last weekend to do the craft show.)

I was thinking after this weekend I would get to relax, but I still have a to-do list. January is a good time to hibernate, right?