My robo vac reminds me of the reasons why I don't have a pet

Maybe I ought to rename this blog "The Adventures of the Robo Vac" because that's the excitement in my life currently.

In case you missed it, I got a robo vac for Christmas. It was something I really wanted because I'm a lazy housekeeper. I posted about my first experience with it yesterday.

I set it free again tonight to see if it would finish making its way around the house. Could completely be my imagination, but it followed me into the laundry room and got under my feet while trying to put clothes in the washer. At least it went around the halls and made more sense in it's route there than the wandering around it did yesterday.

Once in the laundry room, I opened the door so it could find the craft room. There it proceeded to do donuts in middle of the floor. I had seen it go in circles around a chair leg, but instead it was just making itself dizzy in middle of the floor. I was worried it would find all the little screws Dad always drops out there, but thankfully it didn't.

When it decided to come back to me while I was in the kitchen, I had to wipe off it's face like a child or animal that had gotten itself into something. Thankfully it found all the cobwebs around the house.

Thankfully, I do know that it can find its way back to the base. Doing donuts ran out the battery, so he found his way home. He kept getting caught in the bedroom the night before.

Speaking of my bedroom, the thing somehow closed the door and got itself stuck in the cords underneath the TV. I have to childproof (or puppy proof) the place because it likes to find cords and I have to keep pulling it out.

When I put him in his crate, I mean set it back on the charger for the night, I had to wipe off all the dust and pull out all the hair. Oh my word, my house is a mess. And the robo is high maintenance!

Given how much I shed, and how I have to clean up after myself, I can only imagine animal hair. Me and my robo vac cannot handle that! My robo takes enough attention.