It's a good thing no one lives in my mess but me

For a brief moment, I reconsidered skipping the holiday decorations, then I started unpacking all the Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday shopping I did on eBay. This only shows a portion of my current mess. It's likely to stay messy through the week because I've hit a wall. 

One more craft show for the season, but I'm exhausted from all the work to prep for the two shows last week. I also have to rearrange my stacks of books to get these on the shelves and have the don't-want-tos. 

I know I've complained a whole lot recently. I really do love having a bunch of events and selling lots of stuff though. I really do. I'm just going to have to do a better job next year of stockpiling finished projects over the summer. I've just never been that great with planning ahead. Actually, it's not the planning that's the issue, it's the execution!

I have the same problem during the day. I plan to get all this work done... I really do have all of the best of intentions. 

Do you have that problem? Feel free to comment, and we'll commiserate.