Be kind to your friends

There's a chance that Angie may never speak to me again.

She graciously agreed to help me work my craft show this weekend at LD Bell High School while my parents had an event back home.

On the drive up to the hotel for the night, she got to hear me rant about a work issue and obsess over something until I finally got distracted with another subject.

I asked her to turn off the light in the hotel room, skipping the book and stuck with the iPad, because I was cranky and needed to go to bed early.

Then, I had this dramatic coughing fit after laying in bed a couple of hours because I was allergic to the pillow.

I made her get up at 5 AM so we could go do a set up. Then, during set up, I worked myself into a tizzy because we didn't have enough room (we did get to spread out when the people next to us didn't show). I was super frustrated, and I'm sure she was ready to hitchhike home.

After a super busy day, we had to pack everything up which is never fun. Then had a long ride home because first I took the wrong exit, then got in traffic. I then had to go an alternate route because I couldn't get over to another exit.

She may never go anywhere with me again! I'm uber grateful though. More than she knows.

I'm thankful for Rakia who stopped by for a couple of hours too. I barely got to visit with her in the chaos.

Be kind to your friends. If you don't, you may find yourself in a pinch someday.