Planning on leftovers until St. Patrick's Day

How great it is to sleep late on a Saturday and not have the neighbor's yard people making a lot of noise!

If my phone wasn't on silent, I would have been awaken by Peyton's, "Whatsup?" text. That usually means we'll end up running around together. She didn't make it over in time to make peanut butter balls which I have decided may not be worth the trouble or in time to bag up the treats which Mom actually helped me with.

I prepped enough pork ribs to feed 25 people. I'm not sure why Dad thought we needed so many for 9 people tops. Actually, he might have had enough for 50. He bought a bunch at HEB in Waco, then decided they weren't the kind I usually fix. Since they didn't have much meat on them, he froze those and bought some more that still weren't the cut I usually do. There's 5 big pans. No one is going to eat that much, and there's enough ribs to last for weeks. I honestly don't know what he was thinking. He'll be thinking the same thing though on day 4.

It wasn't until after 7 or so that I picked up Peyton for a quiet evening trying to find something we were willing to watch on TV. The peak of holiday excitement will be tomorrow afternoon.