Nine years ago today...

Thanks to Facebook memories, I was reminded I started this blog on December 14, 2008.

Some things never change as I have about as much direction now as I did then. I'll share my post from that day, nine years ago:

Let's see how long I keep this up...

I've been saying for months that I was going to start a blog. One of my major tasks at work is to get blogs to talk about books that I am working on. So I'm always looking at blogs, but don't have one myself. I should create one, I tell myself.

Well, I'm finally doing it. We'll see how long it lasts and how often it gets updated.

One of my "jobs" outside of work is updating my church's website. I admit to sometimes being less than enthusiastic about that task at times. After working all day, I just can't bring myself to getting on the computer and working on it What makes me think updating this is going to be updated any better I ask myself.

What would really make this blog awesome is if I set it up anonymously. I've got funny things to say, but the people in my life might not find them as funny as everyone else. (Just ask my co-workers about some of my family stories. My co-workers find them quite humorous, the family, not so much, for example.)

So, welcome to my insanity. I'll share some books that I am working on. I'll share some books that I wanted to read (all the more reason to create a blog!). I'll share my random thoughts and stories of the day. Who knows, maybe I'll even share bits of random wisdom.

Let's laugh together. Let's cry together. Let's be insane together.

I'm not even sure I remember the days of the funny family stories anymore. Paige and Peyton have outgrown me and/or abandon me altogether, so I have nothing to share, in case you haven't noticed. My mom can too easily find my blog posts through Facebook, so that's not very anonymous. 

Ironically, I was just asked earlier about updating the church website though I haven't done it in years.

It's amazing sometimes how much things change, and even more so how they always stay the same.