Do you have a green thumb when it comes to parenting?

Hettie Brittz helps parents grow and nurture their children’s God-given personalities

Through Brittz’s famous tree metaphors, parents will discover how to encourage their kids to excel at being who they naturally are as they grow in their unique purpose in the world. “Our first question as parents is usually: What can I do with this child? Actually, the question should be: What can I become for this child? The answer is straight-forward; I can invite the Great Gardener (God) to prune me even as I am pruning my saplings and to shape me while I am shaping my young ones so we might all bear fruit,” Brittz explains.

The first step to identifying a child’s natural bent and how it affects the parenting journey is to take the online Tall Trees Profiles assessment. Each copy of the book includes a code for one free, in-depth child profile report. Supplied with the knowledge of what tree type (or combination of types) best describes the child, Growing Kids with Character provides insights for understanding and embracing each child’s unique journey and outlines how to shape his or her character for his or her purpose in Christ. Parents will learn how to: 
  • Recognize their child’s strongest characteristics and apply that knowledge to everyday life.
  • Speak their child’s unique dialect (or “tree language”) to foster effective communication.
  • Cultivate each of their kids’ unique way of encountering, following, and worshipping God.
  • Disciple and discipline based on each child’s blueprint.
  • Help their child celebrate God’s individualized design for others.

For those who think this approach to parenting puts the child in charge, Brittz assures skeptics this is not true. “It can easily seem as though Growing Kids with Character promotes child-centered parenting that coddles the kid by ensuring the world accommodates all their needs while never asking them to grow beyond their comfort zone. That is something real life simply won’t do for the child, and I can emphatically say I’d never recommend that approach. Instead, the idea is to discern the absolute essential emotional and spiritual needs of each child and to fulfill those while identifying the areas in which each child will need a bit of discomfort, challenging expectations from our side, and support to change potentially harmful or unhelpful characteristics. A child has to feel loved, accepted, and understood before such a child can press beyond selfishness and entitlement.”

For any parents who thought their child should have come with an instruction manual, Brittz provides a resource to understand their child’s natural bents not only to excel in life but also to firmly establish their identity and purpose in Christ better.

The Tall Trees Kids Test and Tall Trees Parenting Profiles are available at

Readers can join Hettie for a Facebook Live discussion of Growing Kids with Character on April 3 at 8 PM EST.

About the author

Hettie Brittz is a wife, mother, speaker, author, and a foremost voice in parenting advice and personality styles. During her travels with her husband Louis’s band, Brittz became fascinated by the various approaches to parenting they encountered around the world. It enlarged her perspective and became the foundation for her first three parenting books released in South Africa. Her first book released in the United Sates was (un)Natural Mom (2016), and now Growing Kids with Character is available for American audiences.

A former speech, hearing, and language pathologist, Brittz developed the Evergreen Parenting Course and codeveloped the Tall Trees Profiles. She leads trainings on the Tall Trees Profiles in the areas of parenting, leadership, and more.

Between homeschooling her three kids and joining her husband on his ministry outreaches, Brittz tours internationally, speaking to audiences around the globe, as well as appearing in weekly parenting spots on South African television. She is also an annual speaker with Focus on the Family Africa.

Her key convictions are that there is hope for every individual and any relationship and that there is no place or circumstance so dark that God can't turn it around for good.

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