What my house looks like on a Saturday night

It's time to start prepping for craft shows since we have a few coming up in April. Go figure we're doing two on the first weekend out. That means extra stock. I have a list of books we have cut, but sometimes you just have to see them laying out to figure out what colors you need to add in. I also had to decide how many I needed to make, so here's what my house looks like on a Saturday night. We only have half of what we need right now, and we dwindled down my stockpile.

I would have gotten more done if I hadn't spent most of the day out and about with my parents on the great regional estate sale hunt. One of the houses we went to was absolutely insane and had a library with a rolling library ladder. Yet, we didn't find many books we could use there. One we went to had a whole upstairs full of cookbooks, but we have a stockpile right now and were being rather cheap.

There's a lot of books on eBay for sale that I really want, but it is local pick-up only. The thing is, I don't live in Connecticut!