I just wanted a single day off

After last week and working long, hard hours to pass off all of my projects in the best of shape I could, I really just wanted to enjoy a single day off. If you are going to be unemployed, you might as well take a day to appreciate some down time, right?

I needed to run a crafty check to the bank and sign my taxes so I could be done with that for the year. Angie wanted to take me out to lunch to catch up since we hadn't talked in almost two months, and we had a lot to catch up on. Before I met her, I went in search of some labels at Office Depot that I decided were too expensive and wandered around the garden section of Home Depot.

Then, when I got back from lunch, I started back getting things ready to be productive. I had calls to schedule, and emails to answer. A half a day of goofing off, and it's back to work.

If you need a freelance publicist or virtual assistant, I am your woman!

I am getting everything back in order because I am back to work with some PR projects. I am so very thankful to have work to do.