I can't decide if I am unproductive or lofty goal setter

I always have these big plans for how my Saturday is going to go.

I have this pile of wood, MDF and canvases to paint out in the craft studio. I've been meaning to do something with the canvases for a year, and they sit in the same place.

This Saturday was no different. I was going to get all the cardboard boxes of cut books out of the middle of the floor once I combined them with the six bins out in the laundry room and then divided them in two sets for an upcoming event.

You see, this there were 8 or 10 boxes in middle of the room I do not know what to call. I mentioned to Mom and Dad that I didn't know what to call this space, and Mom suggested "the middle of the floor." Accurate. It's the pass-through to all parts of the house, but does not have a specific other purpose.

Mom and I divided all the letters to make sure we had them split evenly and a mix of colors in both groups. Exciting stuff, right? Why are you guys still reading my blog?

After getting all of the books divided, we decided in order to tote them around and box them back up for 2-day event to protect them from the elements and keep bugs out of them in the garage for the next few weeks, we needed to go buy more bins. So, we went on a family outing to Walmart on a Saturday which is against my core values.

Then, upon return, I had to repack bins. I convinced Dad to bring over the trailer to load up 14 boxes of cut books. Yes, 14. We'll take some of those boxes out to send to their event in a few weeks, and the rest will stay for mine.

That's it. That's all I accomplished today. Nothing painted. Nothing lettered.

I did balance my checkbooks. I guess that's something. That's some exciting stuff right there.

It's almost 11 PM now, and I was going to finish something else while I was on my laptop, but I may not get that done either. I need to put sheets on my bed before I go to sleep. See? Exciting stuff going on here in my world.

Seriously though, my goal is next week when I finish with my book publicity work days (I do have work, glory hallelujah!), I want to spend some time in the studio.

I also plan to take Good Friday off from publicity work and will do crafts then. Maybe. I don't know why I say that's how it's going to go. Next Saturday, I'll be sharing pictures from the Texas Rangers game. Though I am not making Opening Day, I am making Opening Weekend. That's a definite plan that will happen!