No more pickle talk

Dad has lamented the past couple of years that he wanted a booth at the Pickle Festival, an event held in Mansfield around St. Patrick's day every year.

A couple of years ago, I sent in an inquiry to get on the waiting list. Last year, we were in Arizona, not sure when we were getting back in town.

I've been less than enthusiastic, because it's an outside festival. It's a dog and turkey leg event. Anywhere you can bring your dog and buy a turkey leg hasn't been a great choice for us. We've thankfully talked to some other people in the past that have given their bad reviews of the Tomato Festival. Yet, something about festivals have an appeal to Dad even though he knows better.

He's been telling Mom and I how he wanted to go check it out. Alright, alright, fine, we will check it out. Dressed in green because I had this odd feeling strangers may pinch me, we set out.

People seemed to be parking a mile away (literally) from where the action was going on. The parade must be something to behold, or everyone must have been desperate for something to do.

We got downtown, and vendors were only set up on both sides of the street for two blocks. People brought their dogs and were eating on their turkey legs (or pickles or funnel cakes). No one was shopping. There were not many actual vendors and the only thing people were really interested in were the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders doing autographs or where there were balloon animals being made. After making the long trek down there, we spent a very short period of time looking around, then made the long trek back uphill to the car.

I have no idea why there was ever a waiting list to be a vendor. We all confirmed it would be a very long day of sitting there doing nothing.

Hopefully, we shall never speak of this again. 

On the way home, I spent all of $2 and some change on some thread I needed from Hobby Lobby along with some clearance ribbon I hope to incorporate into a new project soon. Even though I am technically unemployed, I still don't know when I am going to get some of this stuff done.