Spoiler alert: Arie is a big, fat jerk! #thebachelor

I don't know if it's my Bachelor blogging or what, but Facebook decided yesterday that I needed to join some dating sites. First off was the ad for the site where men are looking for bigger women. I don't know if this was from my fat face in photos on Facebook that I was targeted for such an ad or if it picked up on the last time I search for the closest Lane Bryan store.

Let me just tell you that the pictures of the men in their slide show had really creepy expressions.

Then, a little while later, I get ads coming up for singles in their 40s, 50s, 60s and older to join another site.

I know dating sites work for some people. I know a couple who met and married off of FarmersOnly.com. (Yes, if you know me, you can guess who that was.) I just don't think I want to go there. I have other worries right now, and don't want to worry about what psychos might be on these dating sites right now.

Now, onto the real business of the night. Chris Harrison promises that the six hours over the tonight and tomorrow night will be exciting, dramatic and unlike anything else we've ever seen. Unlike Jason who proposed then dumped Melissa to end up with Molly. Unlike Juan Pablo who picked neither woman yet said, "Essss okay."

We pick up tonight in Cusco, Peru. 

He knows who Becca is. He doesn't have worries about "us" after this.

Arie thinks Lauren is more of a risk. He's been peeling layers back to find out who she is. However, he is confident in how much she loves him.

Arie meets up with his family in hope they will help him find clarity. He loves both women. Arie Sr. just tells him good luck when he agrees that yes, either girl would be the right choice.

The first woman to meet the family is Lauren. 

Arie's brother jumps right in to ask about their best date. She admits to being nervous. Over dinner, Arie's brother talks about the last time they were all together was his wedding. Lauren asks what it's like to marry into the family, and SIL says, "It's always an adventure."

Sr. talks to Lauren alone. Her fear is getting engaged and it not working out again like her last fiance. Then, she talks with Mom. At least she is talking more this week.

Arie talks to his brother and sister. He says he fears that he will have to spend the rest of his life assuring her like he has for the past however many weeks. Arie feels like he has wasted a lot of time doing this.

The family has to all agree they are going to give Becca a fair chance after yesterday it went so well with Lauren. 

Once Becca arrives, Arie tells her he feels like he should reassure her more because he does love her. When they go inside, they start their story by telling that Becca was his first date. They move on to talking about hometowns and professing their love for each other.

Mom is hesitant about Becca because she liked Lauren so much. Becca answers her questions and talks about how much she sees a future with Arie. It went better with Becca than Mom expected, and Mom took a liking to her. She loves both of them. Just like Arie.

Sr. talks to Becca next. Dad said it was hard to compare his son with her vs. his son and Lauren. He asks if Becca and Lauren got along. Becca said it was easier to get to know other women and that the two of them were very different. Dad tells her he would be happy with either of them. This isn't very reassuring for her. All of the family keeps talking to Becca about Lauren. It's rather uncomfortable. When she leaves as Arie kisses her goodbye, it's rather uncomfortable.

When Arie is back with his family. They seem to have an opinion without really being too vocal about it. Mom finally says she loves Lauren, but Becca seems better for her future. Dad then says he thinks Becca is a better personality for him. This really surprises me because I thought they were all #TeamLauren.

At this point, I think Arie may be leaning Lauren, but his family has given him things to think about.

Cut to Chris Harrison talking to Caroline (one of the women kicked off) about what she said at the Women Tell All last week. She still vaguely talks about the situation, saying Arie was unfair to the women and doesn't know what he wants. That's IF the rumors are true. As IF she doesn't know something. Don't really know the purpose in that right there. 

The first last date is with Lauren. He had lots of time to think last night, and he knows he really loves Lauren. Lauren couldn't sleep all night because she was so excited for this date. 

They take a train to Machu Picchu. They see dogs and talk about what their dogs will look like. Most people think about what their children will look like, but... 

When they arrive, it is raining and all they can say is, "Wow!" You know, Lauren's favorite word.

Arie thought he had his decision made, but Lauren has really worked her way into his heart. Kissy kissy, try to run from the cameras and hide, kissy kissy.

Moving on to the night portion of the date, Arie muses about how he thought he would be confident by now. He's been talking himself out of a future with Lauren because she hasn't opened up. Until now. He feels different now than he did this morning.

They sit down and talk, and I am bored to death. Blah, blah, blah. "I'm ready to spend my life with you," Lauren says. Arie thinks about when she was closed off and what might have happened if he had not given her the two dates in a row. He plays with her hair as he talks about how he fell in love with her. She thinks she can tell what he's thinking when he walks into a room. As they move to talking about their future, it sounds like a boring life.

Lauren doesn't think that Arie would let her say all these things to him if he wasn't going to pick her in the end. Maybe. Maybe not.

Chris Harrison talks to Bekah the Younger and Seinne about what they just watched. Seinne alludes to if the rumors are true... She thinks Arie seemed disappointed his family didn't say he should marry Lauren. Bekah says if he wasn't sure, he shouldn't propose to either.

Now it's Becca's turn. He hopes today is the day he finds clarity. It's raining pretty hard, so I don't know how visibility is going to work out for him.

They see a child dancing in the street. She can see him as the father of her future children rather than their future dogs. That's a step up. Then they pet llamas. Maybe now they can envision their future llamas.

Arie tells Becca she will always be honest with her. Except he doesn't tell her the truth. He doesn't tell her all she can think about is Lauren.

Later in the evening, before Arie arrives, Becca talks about how Lauren is probably the person he's always dated. However, she would probably challenge him more. Becca talks to him more about being scared because there are two of them left (where Lauren seems to think Becca is a non-issue at this point). Arie doesn't comfort her. When asked if there's anything he's still unsure about, he tells Becca that he is. He keeps going back and forth on a couple of things. Becca says she's willing to answer questions, but he says he doesn't have any. She plainly tells him that she doesn't not question "us," she questions the someone that is very different from her.

Becca has a gift for him. She reads to him from a scrapbook she has put together. It has pages for their wedding and first baby.

Chris Harrison talks to Ben Higgins and Jason Mesnick next. They talk for like 40 seconds. Kind of pointless.

Enough already of the teases Chris Harrison. Let's see the uncut, unedited footage you keep going on about. Supposedly, it will be the first time in reality show history.

Arie wakes up on decision day feeling guilty because both women are confident in their relationships, and that's his fault. He's going to have to say goodbye to someone he's in love with.

Becca is realistic in that he may be in love with Lauren too. She can't imagine a future without him though.

Lauren is going to be nervous all day. Arie has changed the way she looks at love and relationships. He's done everything he can to reassure her. She finally acknowledges there could be something there with Becca.

The women are all dolled up early, at least Lauren is ready. Arie is in jeans walking around town. Then, Neil Lane comes to Arie's room so that a ring can be selected.

He's going to have to break up with someone. He knows how it feels and wants to offer some comfort, but he doesn't have a real reason to give her.

Lauren arrives at the gardens where Arie is set up to make his final speeches. She feels going into today, has no doubts, and is excited. Chris Harrison walks her to the beginning of her rejection walk.

She starts her speech by telling Arie she is freaking out. Before meeting him, Lauren thought she had love figured out. The walls she built to protect herself kept her from falling in love again. He shouldn't have let her go this far. He's glad she broke down those walls. He stayed up all night. He wanted them to work, but he can't go through with it. It's nothing that he can explain and gave it all to see if it could work.

She doesn't know what to say other than she's extremely confused. She wishes him the best, and adds that's about all she has to say. Woman of few words that she is, I'm sure such an event would leave you speechless. He walks her to the car. At the last second, she asks, "Why did you do that?" "I was in love with you. I was in love with her." They exchange final hugs and "I love yous." She departs in SUV of shame and dismay.

He feels like a monster. She feels betrayed. They both cry.

Lauren has a good point. How can he propose if he didn't know until three hours ago? She thinks Arie chose the easy route.

Becca's fears and nervousness go away every time she is with Arie. When she arrives, Chris walks her the treacherous pathway down to Arie. In those heels, it is quite unfair. Rocky stairs, grass, rugs on the grass. 

She begins her speech. Becca talks about how Arie put her at ease from the first time she stepped out of the limo nervous. During their first date... Feeling so deeply so easy...

Arie was taken aback when he first met her. He knew she was an incredible woman and had to learn more. His love for her is un-measurable. He drops to his knee. He choose her today and everyday from here on out. "Will you marry me?" Cue the triumphant music. He messes up her hair before giving her the final rose.

They plan to start having babies tonight. That's what they say. As they spin and twirl around, she drops the rose and he has to pick it up. Everyone on Twitter are calling that foreshadowing. Actually someone is calling it "divine intervention," but cannot spell divine. (I type fast on this post without reading back over it, so I may have the wrong word typed here and there by accident, but I do take advantage of spell check.)

Now, we have an hour more show tonight. What possibly is going to happen?

For some reasons cameras record the days and weeks following the proposal. They talked about their future together, moving to Arizona. The clips make it look like their getaways are happy. However, on some of these secret getaways, he thinks about Lauren. Arie knows that Becca knows he thinks about Lauren. He can't shake the feeling of loss. His feelings didn't go away. He feels guilt when he's with Becca. It's not fair for her to be in a relationship with someone who is half in.

Arie knows he's breaking his promise to choose Becca every day, but it isn't fair to her. He decides to call off the engagement. Arie talks to Chris Harrison about it before he does it.

Becca thinks she's talking about their happy future. She's ready for the show to be over and get to spend time together. Little does she know...

Why, oh why, do this with cameras rolling? In the mirror behind Arie's head, you see a camera man. One camera is on her, and one is on him. They air a split shot of both reactions as Arie talks about how he still thinks about her. By spending time with her, he feels he's losing his chance to reconcile with her. He wants to break up with Becca to see if there's a chance of getting back with Lauren.

He has to follow his heart, he says. Evidently, Arie had some conversation with Lauren allong the way. He confesses he wasn't as honest with her about the conflict he had before they left Peru. Arie says it isn't fair to be half in it with Becca. Becca asks if he will be half in it with Lauren. He says, "No." Becca calls him out on lying to her about, "I couldn't see a future with Lauren."

At this point, I'd kick his sorry butt and the cameras out of the house. Instead she points out how he should have 'fessed up back in Peru because this entire time he's been leading her on. She tells him that he never should have proposed. Somewhere along the say within this conversation, she's already taken off the ring.

He wanted to tell her in person before After the Final Rose. He's put a lot of thought into this, but he should have done that before getting down on one knee.

With thirty minutes left to go in the show, Chris Harrison promises there is much more to all of this. 

After saying she hopes he finds what he's looking for, Becca gets up and declares she's done. He goes in the other room to pack her bag. Arie follows her in there. Becca says she is not going to hug him goodbye. Arie feels like there's so much more to say after this time. Then there's a split screen of close up and far off. Who knows why?

Arie asks if she wants him to go. Of course, she wants him to go. One camera follows him out. Outside, he holds the ring in the palm of his hand. On the other camera, you can hear her crying in the bathroom.

Arie goes back inside to torture her more. He knocks on the door and asks if she's ok. She wants to know why he has not left. The cameras and Arie continue to follow her around. He goes back to sit down on the couch. He needs to go.

The camera is still on her. She has nothing to say. Arie walks back in the room and asks if they can talk just a little bit. Becca has to tell him not to touch her. What else is there to say?

Arie sits down with Becca stating the obvious, "I know you are embarrassed." He is only making it worse. It kills him to see her like this. That makes everything all better. Not.

Side note: Arie needed his make-up done before arriving. He is terribly splotchy.

He wants her to be able to move forward and wants her to know how he is feeling. WHO CARES? She comments, "Well, you finally saw me cry." After a moment of silence, she tells him to just go. He sits there. "Please just go." He still sits there, creeping closer to her. Becca has to keep telling him to leave, but he will not go.

When Arie FINALLY leaves and the cameras go off, we are given just a brief moment with Chris Harrison and Becca on the live stage. It's brutal to make her watch that. Chris then prods her asking if she has talked to Arie since then. Then asks stupid questions about her emotions. Does she have questions for him? 

Becca says she has tons of questions. Tomorrow night, Arie, Lauren and Becca will be reunited on stage. Boy, I know she looks forward to that. SHEESH!