My new boss has no mercy

I told myself if I was going to venture into a life of freelance PR work, I was going to give myself some time off. First day off would be Good Friday. Nope. There was work to be done.

That's a good problem to have though. That holiday I wanted went by the wayside when I went on a three hour lunch out of town with an author friend. Truth is, even if it weren't for that, I still would have been working. I'm a big of a workaholic, it seems.

One of the biggest challenges I've had the past couple of weeks is getting myself back organized and getting everything back in sync. It started off with a couple of months ago I had to make sure to save all of my personal files that I accidentally had saved in the wrong Google Drive account. Up until then, all of my work files and picture files, etc. were saved on the Drive, then both computers. When one computer misbehaves, I can always work from the other. I could access and save everything on both. If I hadn't made that move then, I really could have had big, big issues.

From there I did something, and I don't even remember what it was, exactly. I think I had all my craft photos on my laptop and all my other pictures on my desktop. I think the reason I split part of them is because Google Drive made a change to Back Up and Sync, and I was going to try to spread the upload love or something. The 12 years worth of photos took forever to back-up and sync. Think weeks of hitting pause some during the day so I could function online. I'd leave it going only to have my computer go to sleep. I had to turn off the sleep function.

Then, for work (at that time), I had to upgrade to Drive File Stream. Then that left some files in an old Drive folder while it saved everything else in a new folder. By accident, I was saving things in both places. Then, when the job ended, I had to save some files before they were forever deleted off the File Stream. If I upload all of them again, I'll never be able to access the internet at a decent speed again.

Now I can't find anything where I want it to be.

Other than all of that, I've been setting up my new system and updating my databases before uploading them into a mail distribution system that I still need to set up. That updating takes a good bit of time.

In getting and setting up new projects, I've also spent a lot of time on the phone. Again, a great problem to have. I just haven't been able to settle back into a good rhythm yet. I need to get a rhythm really soon because I'm doing some new things for authors that means I need to be on the ball and fast.

In between all of this, there have been some little things here and there from the "old job" that I've needed to take care of. Maybe "felt the need" would be a more accurate term. I don't know what the official terminology would be if a counselor would diagnose it, but my problem has something to do with having a sense of responsibility.

I am sort of frazzled, but overall, I'm doing really good. Some pieces are starting to fall into place, I just have to get them all to fit together.