Back in the saddle

I started working again today though it felt a bit like I wasn't. Probably because my to-do list wasn't a mile long, and I'm doing it from my purple office at my house. I'm now working on a few projects with Litfuse Publicity Group.

I just started with a few hours today familiarizing myself with my first new project, trying to get my email set up (incoming yes, outgoing... not so much) and writing a bio for myself. Then, I worked on adding email  addresses and contact info that I've been gathering over the past week into my Address Book.

Then, I had to get on the phone with AT&T to see if they finally have my bill straightened out and it is really set to pay tomorrow. (I hate AT&T.) I also had to go ahead and add a long distance plan for working from home. And the people still can't figure out what services I have and what my email address is even though it probably even prints on my bill. (I hate AT&T.)

Meanwhile, I'm still kind of wondering if my brain is in la-la land or if I'm going to have some kind of weird nervous breakdown soon. I'm in a peaceful state of mind that I haven't been in for so long that it just seems strange. Without a doubt I'm thankful for it, but I didn't know if I would ever come. I'm just going to enjoy the answered prayer!