This is why singles activities occur once and never again

I am sitting in a corner blogging as the new and (same as its ever been) Westhill singles ministry is in full swing. Keep in mind that I am the life of the party, and I am blogging.

Timmy the Fly is trying to school everyone in shooting pool in the alpha male way men do. However, I told him I had a stick in my hand and could use it on him. I think he's resigned himself to there's no hope for the 75± year old (who once had hair the same color of the fingernails I talked about last night. He also just admitted he had a few dead brain cells. I could not look Rachel's aka "Rebekah's" way.

The purple haired lady is playing Jenny's uncle's old flame. The way she kept asking about Timmy, I think she may be interested. He's come close to leaning over her to help her make the shot.

We've had the egg salad sandwiches, my green brownies (nasty greenish brown) with green mint icing, and cool ranch Doritos, washed down with root beer.

This is why we have one activity, then give up for a few years.

Come 8 PM, I am going to convince Rachel to go stalk Jenny and the Yankee.