The ending of an era, the turning of a page

Parts of Tim McGraw's "Next Thirty Years" have been going through my head lately. Thirty years from now, I will be 65, the age people hope to retire. What am I going to do for the next thirty? "Lord, have mercy on my next thirty years."

So, what I have I done on my first jobless day?

  • I slept late. 
  • I finished the last 20 or so pages of a book.
  • I helped my dad deliver food to three older couples from church.
  • Went looking around Office Depot.
  • Dad and I spent time at Home Depot buying supplies to build me a table to extend some work space in my home office since it looks like that might be a starting place for me.
  • I tried sweet potato tots at Sonic.
  • I hit my finger with a hammer while putting together the table.
  • I had a phone call with a potential employer.
  • I went back to my parents house and strangely watched the last half of Ghost Dad with Bill Cosby. 
  • I came home to answer a couple of emails related to the job hunt. 
  • I went through my Facebook contacts to invite people to send me their information so I can build a database. 
  • I talked to a friend on the phone to update her about my last couple of days.
  • I am typing this blog.
What I haven't done:
  • Worked on the ugly blanket. 
  • Watched Survivor from last night.
  • Dried the clothes that I washed last night that are still in the washer.
  • Downloaded/submitted unemployment forms that I keep bringing up, at least to myself. 

What I need to do tomorrow:

  • Get the oil changed in my car. 
  • Wash the sap off my car from the tree that was outside the office now that I won't be parking under it anymore.
  • Clean out the inside dash that is filthy - still don't know how it gets that way.
  • Pick the next book I am going to read, because you know that is important. 
  • Straighten up/clean up the house that I've been putting off because I've not had the time/energy. 
  • Get my dad over to fix a couple of things.

Thank you to everyone who have offered their prayers and support. Something is going to come up soon, and it's going to be great!