Yes, I go see "kids" movies on purpose

Whatever Miss Paigey has to say in her daily email today will include me. After catching up on The Voice from this week, she and I went to see The Lorax. Very cute. Very funny. Very catchy closing song.

The great thing about being an aunt is that you have an excuse to see cute and funny movies. I had to explain less about The Lorax than I did The Muppets thank goodness. Oh, and the two of us agree to no 3D. There were moments of close to 3D without the glasses. Wow.

Here are her past two days:

Day 3:

Dear Relitives,

                     Since today we fell backwards and lost an hour of  sleep Dad and Julie were all worn out from the sencond day of the best stay at home spring break ever they just slept an hour later than usual so after the pigs got some more protien from the whole 2 raw  eggs then I filled up their water bucket for thier feed in the rain. Then we were off to big church you adults call it worship . First off the decons changed all the lights in the audatoriam even though it took them 6 hours and a lift you could acually see Sam preach. Next Gramal was supposed to give me her check to put in cummunin but she was trying to get away with giving god Bealls cupons it didn't work out to well even though I thought the whole pew was going to laugh out  loud unfortunately God's favorite store is not Bealls so Gramal didn't get away with it. Then we went to Pops and Gramals house to have Bush's while Dad and Julie went to TJ's to do the taxes. Then we went  home and tried to take a picture of my family and I but Layton was being a pest finally we got a good picture. Then siince my mom and peyton aren't leaving until Tuesday Mom and Cade picked us up and we went to our new house peyton played with Frankie I played with Cafe while courtney stayed on the couch the whole time. When they left Peyton, Sadie, and Kylie stayed the night at Kylies house while me and mom watch Jack and Jill until 12:00. Over all it was a good day.


Day 4:

I am really sorry about all the mistake in my last update. We didn't have wifi that night so I had to do it on my moms phone it was really frustrating so I hurried through the last part of the email ( and I promise I played with Cade not Cafe)!

Dear all you people,

   Today was an excellent day.... first my mom and I got up around 8:30 had some toaster strudels and hot chocate while we watched the rest of Jack and Jill. Next Sadie, Peyton, and Kylie came over and played teacher, drank hot chocolate, and sent Devon and Micah down to ISS 3 times! Thank Goodness the HuseNet came to hook up our Wifi but the bad thing was they were supposed to be here at 10 but they called at 12:00 and sayed they were lost how do you get Highway 31 mixed up with 287 when you are coming from Palestine. While they were working on that Granna came over and we got really good hamburgers at the Aggie General and saw Travis from  Nelson Propane, the person Peyton fired. While we were eating Kylie's mom Lindsey ( our neighbor and Jeff's old girl friend and in my opinion anyone that has dated Jeff is a wierdo yep even you Melissa) so anyways the three hoodlums when with her then. When we got back home mom and I played some more softball. We then went around the block a couple times on our bikes I rode on the handle bars of mom's bike once. Mom and Peyton then packed and decided to leave at 5:00 to get Alb. NM, and not Al Alberquerce's house ( by the way that name really bothers me) So then my dad picked me up and we picked up Madison and Layton at thier GIGI's house, Then we went to Madison's All-Star practice and the 4H meeting. We last went home took care of the piggys, played pictionary on the wii, and had hot dos on bread. To let you know old white tortillas will make you gag with a winnie, You can ask Madison for proof.

                                                                                 From me,