Someone is a Mean Girl

There are times I think Paige has some of my traits. Her emails are as entertaining as I hope my blog is at times. However, I hope the mean streak is not like me.this is her email from yesterday. I cannot wait until I get her update from today. I already know of her daily target. She has admitted that she will pick a person every day.

Dear Ya ll,
                     Today the second day of the best stay at home spring break ever my family and I had to get up early 7 o'clock that's early compared to Audra who probably sleep in until 12:00! So we got up and Mimi brought us some donuts from the Donut Palace knowing my pickiness and my difficult siblings it was a lot harder that it should have been. My piggies got lots of protein because they got 2 whole raw eggs shell and all they were loving it. Then we were off to Maddy's All-Star Game in Fairfield, Texas where my Granna lives. Even though they lost but just 25 points. Pepe, Maddy, and I got to stay with the Dulworths and watch the older group lose too. After that we had a surprised friend come Katelyn and ate at Sam's with us. After that we went to the Dulworths and played in the rain and with the bouncy ball in the garage and Callie joined us with having lots of fun. Then we came back to our casa and took care of the piggies (oh next time you see Ms.Belle tell her to quit kicking all her shavings out of her pin!) To end a great 2nd day of the best stay at home spring break ever you eat a chicken patty, play rock band, and take a shower which is exact what I did!

                                                                                        Love you guys soooo much,