A tour of my office

I finally finished my "project" that I've been planning to do for weeks - cover the bi-fold closet doors with all the pictures that used to hang around my old office. I started with Command strips on one panel. Those got expensive. I did the other three panels with sticky back velcro. If I ever take them off, it will peel all the paint off the doors. I've already learned that. But, the doors haven't been painted in who knows how many years - more than 10 for sure, so it will all be OK. The one blank spot on my walls had been behind the door (before I decided it needed to close now). I actually had my desk at an angle in front of the door until last week.

So anyway, if you wonder where I work all day, this is it.


Unknown said…
You definitely love pictures, Audra! I think your closet door project was a success. The pictures looked like they belong more in there than in their original location. It would be great if you’ll fill the emptied space with an inspiration board. So you still have something good to look at whenever you lift your eyes from the computer. ;)

Clayton Steadham