Why truck driving was never in the running

I spent most of my day driving to Austin and back, and it reaffirmed why I will never pursue a career in truck driving.

A) I don't really like driving that much.

B) I do good to back out of tight spaces without missing another car, much less do wide turns.

C) I'd have to have a driving partner because I don't like that much alone time in the car.

D) Driving wears me out. Five hours today in the car was enough for me, much less having to do it every day all day long.

E) I really like my own bed and couch.

F) Not necessarily a big fan of truck stops. Not every truck stop is a Buc-ee's.

G) I don't really like having to search for an exit when I've had too much Diet Coke, and driving a big truck would make that even harder.