Now I'm really wondering about my neighbors

For anyone who has even seen one of my status messages on Facebook, you know that my neighbors tend to annoy me. I live in one of four duplexes in a row. In the almost 9 years that I have lived here, there have been more people in and out than I can count. All four buildings share a driveway, so I do have to pay some attention to what is going on.

There's the rowdy bunch of small children next door that bang on the walls and make pictures fall off the shelves.

Then, there are the new neighbors that were partying less than 20 feet from my bedroom window at 1:45 AM on a Thursday night/Friday morning a few weeks ago.

There's also the new neighbors friends that keep parking in my area. The other day, one of their friends with a giant truck on big tires and lifts (which is so pointless) was parked parallel to my house blocking the whole area in which I usually park perpendicular to the building. When said truck left, he turned the neighborhood phone box thingy (what is it called?) to this:

Thankfully, I did not lose phone and internet service this time around (I did back last summer when another neighbor hit it). This time they have a black garbage back over part of it. Don't know when they plan to fix it, but I spent 40 minutes on hold on Sunday to report the damage. I am working from home now. I can't afford to be without phone and internet.

So, anyway, I commented on Facebook today that the carpet cleaning trucks were pulling up in front of the 'hood for the third time this week. Someone commented on Facebook that it could be a traveling meth lab, had I smelled anything funny.

Well, from what I know about the guy next door, that might not be out of the question. Interest thought.

Later, I hear an ice cream truck outside. I get up to see if it is the one that's usually around because it's not the same song I always hear (and I'm not sure what the song is). The neighbors on the other side were buying ice cream - 18-23 year old females over at the partying neighbor's house. They were evidently having a hard time choosing their ice cream because "Pop Goes the Weasel" was going on forever. Not 3 minutes after the first truck leaves, I hear the one that I hear every day (practically year round) going around the neighborhood.

I comment about both of these on Facebook. Someone else comments that their husband is a believer that the ice cream trucks sell drugs.

Do you notice this reoccurring theme today?

I don't know. I really don't want to know what my neighbors are up to.