Confessions of a closet hoarder

Back a few weeks ago when I was cleaning out my office for my grand exit, I opened up some file cabinet drawers that hadn't been open in years (I just left the file cabinet with stuff I inherited and used for a few years all alone) and went through some stacks of papers under a table. I recycled stuff I hadn't seen in years. Stuff I kept, just in case I needed it.

Now, in an effort to straighten up my home office, I'm going through the drawers to my hutch. I found a newspaper from 2002 that I still can't figure out why I kept it. One from 2003 that I realize why I kept, but trashed now. I found some stickers from back at the time I worked at the Disney Store while in college in 1999-2000.

There were some photo negatives from my photography class in 1996. Oh, and all sorts of floppy disks when disks could only hold 1.44 MB with class assignments from 1997-2000. It's been a number of years since I had a computer that would read those. I do have an external zip drive if I were to ever need the zip disks (an antique rarity). We did use those back in college.

I didn't realize I was such a hoarder.

If this were in a storage unit somewhere, Ton, Moe, Lesa, Jarrod, or any of the others from any version or variety of Storage Wars or Auction Hunters would want this stuff. Those programs, by the way are my newest obsession. Nothing old enough for Mike and Frank of American Pickers would want.

I'm pretty sure Mike and Frank would find roads missing from my 1998 atlas. Although, my parents have one from the early 80s that really is missing a road through Iowa, speaking of the pickers. You know what? I just picked up the atlas, and the northern interstate through the upper half of Iowa is missing on it too. The Dallas/Ft. Worth "digital edition" of the street finder from 1999/2000 has to be missing the George Bush Turnpike. For some reason, I think I'm keeping the maps though. Cities don't move, and I often refer to cities in an atlas. And yes, I know what Google Earth is, I just like having the one I can flip to sometimes. Especially if the computer isn't on, and I'm tired of messing with my BlackBerry.

If I haven't cooked anything from a church cookbook from a tiny church outside of Denton in the past 14 years, I doubt I will start now.

And I know I had that stationary pad before I graduated high school in 1995.

With a bag full to the brim to throw away, I hope it all goes back in one drawer now that I'm about to put the rest up.


Cara Putman said…
Maybe you'll write historicals in thirty years and need to know which roads weren't there then.
Audra Jennings said…
That really could come in handy!